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Motivation: If you want to change, be, achieve, let go, connect, share, inspire, ship, create, etc. -- the most important resource is your motivation. As Simon Sinek states it: "Start with why." In Tibetan Buddhism, a Mahayana motivation (Greater 'vehicle' motivation) is a motivation that includes the altruistic intention of benefiting all other sentient beings. However, to benefit anyone, you must attain a state in which you can give.
Precious life: He is not present, and mostly looks back. In the morning, may the thoughts "my life is short" and "my short life is precious" reign his conscious, that eventually extends into the day and to all days of all lives. In the evening, may his mind be filled with gratefulness for the day, that eventually extends to all days of all lives.
Buddhism: Uncomfortable with the comforts of his life, he longed for the cessation of his suffering. To be free from the conditioned existence of his current life, to birth a stateless mind and be fully enlightened.
Overloaded: I start off overloaded and overwhelmed by everything and anything. Like a newborn I cry at sunrise, because my eyes are not used to this radiant sphere in the sky.
Goal of Backpacking: I wish to wander, and leave behind what I cannot carry anyway. Bring to light a side of me that is content, happy and grateful more than it is anxious, depressed and isolated.